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Corporate Profile

Rain Master Irrigation Systems was started in 1981 when a small team of visionary engineers realized that the advent of solid state electronics would have a dramatic effect upon the irrigation industry. Today, Rain Master takes great pride as the innovative leader in the design and manufacture of irrigation controllers, handheld remote controls, and central computerized control systems for the landscape and golf irrigation markets.

Rain Master’s product focus is dedicated to the design and development of state of the art electronics, software, and communications technologies as they relate to irrigation controllers and central control systems. Since company inception, Rain Master has maintained a core group of research and development software/electronics engineers whose primary function is to design new, innovative, cost effective solutions for the irrigation industry. A fundamental design philosophy at Rain Master includes a quest for technical excellence in product reliability. This endless pursuit of perfection yields products which operate service free, year after year, regardless of the environment or application.

Key ingredients for Rain Master’s success involve dedication, design innovation, quality of workmanship, customer satisfaction, and a relentless desire to "make it better".

At Rain Master, we take pride in the quality of our work and genuinely care about customer satisfaction. These attitudes have enabled us to fulfill our promise of "Quality Products and First Rate Service."