TWICE™ - 2-wire

TWICE - 2-wire

Rain Master now offers yet another "Intelligent" option...

TWICE controllerUnlike other two-wire systems, Rain Master’s TWICE protocol provides a two-way communication link between the controller, decoders and valves.  This provides the means for testing and diagnostic capabilities within the two-wire path.  The simplicity of the two-wire field installation, coupled with the enhanced capability of Rain Master’s ‘E’ series controllers, sets a new precedent for "Two-Wire" control within the irrigation industry.

The TWICE Two Wire Interface Module; TWICE is compatible with the Sentar II and Eagle / Eagle-i controllers.  Two-way communication Decoders insure system integrity between the TWICE module and irrigation valves.

Products Offered:

  • TWICE: Two Wire Integrated Communication Exchange
    • Provides 2-wire capability for any Sentar, Eagle or Eagle-i
    • Part Numbers: TW-SE36, TW-EG36, TW-EGi36
  • Decoders:
    • Part Numbers:
      • TW-D-1: For single valve control
      • TW-D-2: For dual valve control

TWICE Module:

  • Easy-to-read LED Status indication with every command sent to the Decoder
  • LED also displays valve activation and diagnostic reporting
  • Decoder programming and verification at the panel
  • Trouble Shooting Capabilities:
    • LED decoder "active" indication
    • LED valve power "on" indication
    • System "TEST" mode verifies communication integrity
    • Two-way communication verification

TW Decoders:

  • Each decoder has unique address (programmable at the Interface Module)
  • Decoders will automatically shut off if communication is lost with Interface Module
  • An open circuit/short automatically shuts down any valve
  • Valves can be operated up to 100’ radius of the decoder

Electrical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 24 to 28 VAC
  • Temp: -20° to 60° C
  • Electrical Connection Requirements: Water tight connectors (TW-SPLICE or equal)

2-year Limited Warranty on TWICE module:  In addition to Rain Master’s standard trade warranty against workmanship, the proper installation and grounding of all components as stated in the instruction manual and the use of NEC approved waterproof wire connection devices must be adhered to or warranty is void.